Fundraising ideas within your bowling fundraiser…


Quick, inexpensive way to raise money from people attending your event. Purchase a roll of 50/50 tickets from an office supply store ($10) and have a volunteer sell them during your fundraiser. Many times the winner donates part of the winnings back to your cause!

Lane Sponsors

Sell lane sponsors to local businesses, families and friends. Offer different levels of donations ($50, $75, $100), then make signs with the sponsor’s name or logo to hang from the scoring monitors on our lanes.

Chinese Auction

Tonawanda Bowling Center has a mailing list of 657 local businesses in the Tonawanda and North Tonawanda area. We are willing to share this with you so you can solicit donations for your event. Most of our local businesses are always willing to help out a good cause. For your event, display the donated prizes and have a volunteer sell tickets for chances to win these prizes!

100 Square Boards

This is an extremely inexpensive way to raise a lot of money. TBC has a template for a 100 square, numbered board. Before, during, and after your fundraiser, you sell squares (getting people’s names and phone numbers), with each board for a specific prize. You don’t draw a winner until all 100 squares are sold. For example, set up a board for a chance to win $100 of NYS lottery tickets. Sell each square for $5, once all the squares are sold and you purchase the tickets as a prize, draw a number from a hat and the person who holds that number square wins the prize, and you make a $400 profit. Very easy to sell!

Bowling Fundraiser Price Choices

Dates and time limitations apply for each – Other fundraising packages available, must request a quote

Option 1

2 hours or 3 games of bowling
Shoe Rental
$6.50 per person

Option 2

2 hours or 3 games of bowling
Shoe Rental
Pizza & Pop
$9.00 per person

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